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Our journey is the direct result of experiences encountered with our customers' problems

Drumbeaters of America Inc. specializes in the engineering and manufacturing of systems for industrial companies aimed at reducing, transforming, and ideally eliminating waste products generated in manufacturing processes.

For over a quarter century, Drumbeaters of America has been designing and manufacturing systems that can wash, rinse, and crush drums, pack drums, remove residues from containers without increasing the waste stream, provide closed loop dispensing systems for viscous and air sensitive products, remove oil from soils, drill cuttings, and surfaces, and many more application solutions.

Drumbeaters Company

Our History

Established in 1991, Drumbeaters initially manufactured drum crushers to decrease the volume of steel drums for disposal or recycling not only for Crown but also for other companies through their sister company, Crown Fluid Applies Systems, and other local businesses. This endeavor led to the origin of the name “Drumbeaters” and marked the start of their journey.

The founders of Drumbeaters have leveraged their extensive experience to view waste handling and recycling as an opportunity to creatively address customers' waste challenges in unconventional ways. Drumbeaters aims to minimize waste volume and, wherever possible, completely eradicate waste through recycling or zero waste systems.

Our Location

Our company is staffed by mechanical and electrical engineers and operates a prototype fabrication and machine shop. All products and systems are finally assembled at Drumbeaters' facility in Elburn, Illinois, USA.

Drumbeaters Company

Our Clients

Drumbeaters' clientele includes Fortune 500 manufacturers, U.S. military installations, various governmental agencies, and waste remediation contractors. Its equipment has been dispatched globally, and the company has established sales and contacts with numerous European and global companies, maintaining a sales representation in Europe.

Over the last 26 years, Drumbeaters has cultivated a robust network of contacts among industrial hazardous waste generators and processors, as well as in the environmental enforcement field, gaining insights and developing solutions, building machinery, and offering environmental services.

Beyond manufacturing, Drumbeaters also provides recycling services to a broad spectrum of industries worldwide.

  • Elmendorf Air Force - USA
  • Akzo Chemical Company - USA
  • Akzo Nobel Company - USA
  • Polygon - USA
  • Aldrich Chemical - USA
  • Solvay Polymers - USA
  • American Cyanamid (BASF) - USA
  • Chevron - Nigeria
  • Chevron - Angola
  • Power Company - Puerto Rico
  • MagneTek  - USA
  • Delphi  Automotive Systems  - USA
  • 3M Company - USA
  • Des Moines Sanitary District - USA
  • Base Ag-Chem Equip. Company - USA
  • Eli Lilly - USA
  • Ford Motors - USA
  • General Motors - USA
  • ISP Fine Chemicals - USA
  • Knapheide Manufacturing - USA
  • City of Philadelphia - USA
  • Roche Pharmaceutical - USA
  • Kraft Foods - USA
  • United Nations - Mauritania
  • United Nations - Mali
  • AEC - Ecuador
  • Encana - Ecuador
  • Agip North Caspian Operation Co. - Kazakhstan
  • Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune - USA
  • Merck - USA
  • Alcan Toyo - USA
  • Lockheed Advanced Development - USA
  • Flinn - USA
  • Doane Pet Care - USA
  • Illiamiam - USA
  • Lennox Industries - USA
  • Rhodia California  - USA
  • Loctite FAS SpA - USA
  • Dallas-Fort Worth Airport - USA
  • Marine Corp Air Ground Combat - USA
  • Merck Pharmaceutical - USA
  • Naval Base - CBC - California - USA
  • Protectoseal Company - USA
  • Schering Plough - Singapore
  • Sin Tung - Tahiti
  • Allied Signal - USA
  • St. Croix Alumina - USA
  • Department of Defense Depo. - USA
  • U.S. Electrical Motors - USA
  • Wacker Chemie - Germany
  • Wellman Inc. of Mississippi - USA
  • Whirlpool Corporation - USA
  • Aero Jet Fine Chemical - USA
  • Acme Refining - USA
  • Chroma Source - USA
  • Coastal - Aruba
  • Croda - USA
  • GM Corp. - USA
  • Teledyne Brown - USA
  • Vitaquest - USA
  • Smurfit Stone - USA
  • Kencoil - USA
  • Ohio Edison - USA
  • Iowa University - USA

Top Selling Solutions

Explore our best-selling solutions that empower companies worldwide to minimize environmental impact. Our innovative solutions ensure that empty chemical drums are responsibly managed, preventing them from ending up in landfills. Join us in promoting sustainability and responsible waste management practices.

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Drum Crusher Model

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Trash Can Washer

Trash Can Washer Model

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Drum Washer Model DW55-IO

Drum Washer Model

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Drum Washer Crusher Model TRC-7000

Drum Washer Crusher
Model TRC-7000

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Global Impact

Building Lasting Relationships and Achieving Success Across Industries

Collaborating with organizations of various sizes and spanning diverse industries worldwide, we have dedicated ourselves to our clients since our inception. Our commitment has led to notable successes and the establishment of enduring relationships.

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