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Drumbeaters of America provides the largest selection of drum reconditioning and drum disposal systems. All of our systems and environmental solutions are designed for continuous heavy duty services.

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Our drum crushers were featured on an episode of Discovery Science Channel's show, "How it's Made"

We provide the largest selection of drum crusher compactors in order to meet any special project requirements.

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Our Company is staffed with mechanical and electrical engineers and has a prototype fabrication and machine shop. The final assembly of all products and systems is performed at Drumbeaters' facility located in Elburn, Illinois, USA.

Top Selling Solutions

Discover our most selling solutions helping companies worldwide to reduce environmental impact by assuring empty chemical drums are never left behind to be thrown in a landfill.

Drum Crusher DC5000-10HP Electric

Drum Crusher Model

Drum Crusher Model DC5000-10HP Electric will crush a 55 gallon drum down to less than 2.5" in height, greatly reducing storage space requirements and transport fees.

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Trash Can Washer

Trash Can Washer Model

The TCW-100 is our brand new trash can washer unit constructed with high-quality stainless steel. It was designed with longevity, efficiency, and simplicity in mind.

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Drum Washer Model DW55-IO

Drum Washer Model

Drum Washer Model DW55-IO is designed to wash and rinse the interior and exterior of pails and drums sized up to 55 gallon using water, detergent, solvent, or hot water.

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Drum Washer Crusher Model TRC-7000

Drum Washer Crusher
Model TRC-7000

The Drum Washer Crusher Model TRC-7000 is a dual purpose machine. It can be used to wash drums or/and to crush the drum down to 2.5" in height in the same chamber.

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