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Drum Washer Crusher

Model TRC-8000

Drum Washer Crusher model TRC-8000 is capable of washing and rinsing the interior of containers sized up to 55 gallons and crushing the washed and rinsed containers within the same chamber as where the wash/rinse steps were performed.

The system includes a 250 gallons Tank Recirculation System, generator and plc control mounted on a trailer.

The unit comes complete with a generator, hydraulic door safety switch, and an oil sight gauge with temperature indicator. This system uses a high speed rotary nozzle. Washing the drums with a high speed rotary nozzle will deliver wash fluid to 100% of the interior of the drums.

Standard Features

  • Generator
  • Compaction force from 70,000 pounds to 85,000 lbs
  • Piercing point on the crushing plate
  • Washes upto 55 gallon drums (steel and plastic)
  • Washes close top and open top drums (interior)
  • Can use water, detergent or solvent
  • Internal 120 gallons reservoir
  • External Tank Recirculation System 250 gallons capacity
  • Fully Adjustable Wash Timer (1 sec. to 66 hours)
  • Push Button On/Off Controls
  • Mounted in a trailer
  • Safety features to comply with OSHA

Optional Features

  • Chamber for 85 gallon drum: Chamber enlarged for washing/crushing 85 gallon drum
  • Dutch Door: This is a door that can open from the top and remain closed on the bottom for packing purposes
  • External recirculation tank 500 gal capacity
  • Immersion heaters for the recirculation tank to provide hot water
  • Special cover to control fumes and/or retain heat if water is heated
  • Oil Recovery Skimmer System for the recirculation tank system
  • Multi Media Filtration System (MMF)

Tank Options

The TRC-8000 model includes an internal recirculation tank system with 120 gallons capacity and external tank 250 gallon capacity. You can increase the washing-crushing rate/performance by increasing the tank capacity (500 or 1000 gallon)

  • External recirculation tank 500 gal capacity.
  • External recirculation tank 1000 gal capacity.

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