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Drum Crusher DC5000-10D

The Drum Crusher Model DC5000-10D (Diesel Engine) will crush a 55 gallon drum down to 3" in height greatly reducing storage space requirements and transport fees. Heavy duty construction, all structural components are made with heavy steel plate.

The unit comes complete with motor starter, hydraulic door safety switch, and an oil sight gauge with temperature indicator. Take control of your drum disposal with this affordable heavy duty model.

Standard Features

  • 10 hp diesel motor
  • Crushing force 60,000 pounds at 3000 psi
  • Crush 55 gallon steel drum down to 4"
  • Cycle time of 35 seconds
  • 40 gallon hydraulic tank
  • Directional Control Valve
  • Drum ring locator, keep the drum aligned
  • 12 Volt Battery
  • Portability with Fork Lift Truck
  • Safety features to comply with OSHA
  • Heavy Duty Steel construction
  • Drip Pan for Liquid Containment

Optional Features

  • Hydraulic Push Button Controls
  • Super Glow Plugs for starting below 40 degrees
  • Epoxy Paint
  • Galvanized Finish
  • Arctic/Cold Weather Hydraulic No Load Start System

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