Product Extraction System

The Product Extraction System removes liquid or powder residues from containers that are to be wash and can also remove the wash or rinse fluids that may remain in the containers after the wash or rinse process is completed. The Product Extraction System uses the force of 6 inches of mercury for the electric systems and 12 inches of mercury for the pneumatic systems.


There are many benefits of the Product Extraction System as follows:

Prewash Benefits:Removing liquid contents/residues before washing a container has many benefits.

  • Prevents premature contamination of the wash fluid.
  • The wash/rinse process will be faster because the amount of residues to be washed out is greatly reduced.
  • Reduces the number of times that the wash fluid requires cleaning.
  • Reduces equipment maintenance such as cleaning bag filters and removing sedimentation.
  • The same wash protocol can be used for all the drums or IBCs being cleaned by removing the liquid contents/residues before washing a container. The amount of time to wash each and every dirty container will be the same because the amount of residue is the same in each container to be washed.
  • Like kind residues can be collected in 55 gallon drums so that different residues are not commingled. This opens the door for recovery of flowable residues such as paints, oil, fuels, solvents and many other residue materials that can then be reused or remanufactured and thus turning waste into sellable products. It is a “win win” situation.

Post Wash Benefits: Small amounts of the wash or rinse fluids can remain in a drum or IBC after the container cleaning process.

  • The Product Extraction System will remove any small amounts of wash or rinse fluid that may remain in the container after being cleaned.
  • Further, if the fluid(s) used to clean a container are heated, the combination of the surface of the container being hot and the removal of any small amounts of wash or rinse fluid using the Product Extraction System will result in the container drying without the use of an expensive drying system

Available Accessories & Options: 3-Ring Steel Drum, Drum Dolly, In-Line Drum Filter that is used to protect the Product Extraction System from wastes/residues that could cause damage to the Waste Extraction System, 3-Drum Tilt Station and upgrade to PE4 Series.


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