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Drum Washer Cleaning System

Model DW55-IO

The DW55-IO is designed to wash and rinse the interior and exterior of pails and drums sized up to 55 gallons using water, detergent, solvent or hot water if the electric immersion heater option is selected.

The construction is heavy duty and includes an internal recirculation tank system with 120 gallons reservoir.

This system uses high speed rotary nozzles. Washing the drums with a high speed rotary nozzles will deliver wash fluid to 100% of the interior and exterior of the drums or containers.

The drum station is protected by a safety system to prevent the operator from activating a station when a drum is removed prior to the wash cycle being finished.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers that you need to know when selecting a drum washing system (click here)

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Standard Features

  • Washes upto 55 gallon drums (steel and plastic)
  • Washes interior & exterior of close top and open top drums
  • Can use water, detergent or solvent
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Internal Tank Recirculation System (220 gal for one wash station & 440 gal for two wash stations)
  • Fully Adjustable Wash Timer. (1 sec. to 66 hours)
  • Push Button On/Off Controls
  • Stainless Steel Stack Pump
  • Portability with Fork Lift Truck
  • Electrical control box Nema 4 Wash Down
  • Safety features to comply with OSHA

Optional Features

  • Explosion Proof System: When you have a hazardous area
  • High Impact Wash Nozzle
  • Galvanized Finish: Protective coating of zinc to provide corrosion resistance
  • MMF (Multi Media Filtration) System
  • Complete caustic and acid plumbing package
  • External recirculation tank 500 gal capacity (for one wash station)
  • External recirculation tank 1000 gal capacity (for one or two wash stations)
  • Additional wash station (two wash stations)
  • Two (02) 10,000 watt electric immersion heaters for the recirculation tank to provide hot water
  • Special cover to control fumes and/or retain heat if water is heated
  • Oil Recovery Skimmer System for the 1000 gallons tank recirculation system
  • Discharge Pump - Self Priming Pump
  • Rinse Cycle

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers that you need to know when selecting a drum washing system (click here)

Drum Washer DW55-ITR Configurations

Each wash station has a station control box containing a start and stop button and an emergency stop button. Each washing system may include an external recirculation tank with 500 or 1000 gallon capacity depending of the number of wash station(s).

One wash station with 220 gal. internal recirculation reservoir

One wash station with 500 gal. external recirculation tank

One wash station with 1000 gal. external recirculation tank

Two wash stations with 440 gal. internal recirculation reservoir

Two wash stations with 1000 gal. external recirculation tank

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